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Wills Are A Smart Choise


Why should you have a Will? Here are some reasons:


With a will you can direct where and to whom your estate (what you own) will go after your death. If you died intestate (without a will), your estate would be distributed according to your state's law. Such distribution may or may not accord with your wishes.


The second reason to have a will is to make the administration of your estate run smoothly. Often the probate process can be completed more quickly and at less expense to your estate if there is a will. With a clear expression of your wishes, there are unlikely to be any costly, time-consuming disputes over who gets what.


Only with a will can you choose the person to administer your estate and distribute it according to your instructions. This person is called your "executor" (or "executrix" if you appoint a woman) or "personal representative," depending on your state's statute. If you do not have a will naming him or her, the court will make the choice for you. Usually the court appoints the first person to ask for the post, whoever that may be.


Larger estates, a well-planned will can help reduce estate taxes.


Most important, through a will you can appoint who will take your place as guardian of your minor children should both you and their other parent both pass away.


Filling out a worksheet will help you make decisions about what to put in your will. (For ElderLawAnswers' worksheet, click here.) Bring it and any additional notes to your lawyer and he or she will be able to efficiently prepare a will that meets your needs and desires..

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Coverage Consideration


Things to think about when choosing coverage


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Coverage Consideration


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